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From 1 September 2012 in Poland started implementation process of changes in the vocational training and constant. Improving efficiency and effectivenesses of the vocational training are their purpose so that it answers for the purposes of the changing labour market and challenging the modern economy based on the knowledge. The high quality vocational education is one of priority tasks of the educational policy, a contemporary vocational school must stand up to hard tasks. They result above all from changes in the system of upper secondary schools, from the new job classification of the vocational education, of programme new basis of the general education, as well as from the programme new basis of educating in professions which is giving broad development potentialities to the constant vocational education of adults, made interested in getting additional classifications or the change of occupation. The labour market needs top-class specialists. And so such a modelling of the vocational training is necessary. It is regarding especially a practical apprenticeship. Involving employers into the process of the vocational education will raise the level of teaching the profession, whereas for entrepreneurs will provide access to the well qualified, new employee staff.


The STUDIO ADAX company is carrying vocational training 
in the technical knowledge:
- bases of buildings,

- characteristics of buildings,
- kinds of the installation and building networks,
- structures of buildings and technologies of carrying them out,
- sketching in the technical drawing,
- classification and using materials,
- bases of building statics,
- characteristics and reading the technical documentation,
- the technology and the organization of work of the building shell,
  finishing work, demolition work;

- maintenance of the buildings,
- making concrete blends,
- making mortars and plaster,
- making built building structures,
- tools computer design in the environment CAD.

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